Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Review

The fourth movie in the Twilight series. Released worldwide on Friday the 18th of November. Staring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewert and Taylor Lautner. €9.60 and one and a half hours of my life I will never get back.
Now let's not be rash and say that this movie let's down the rest of the Twilight franchise, because let's be honest, it never had much of a high standard to begin with.
In this installment we watch as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen get married, have extremely awkward 'relations', somehow manage to breed a half-breed vampire/human baby and then the cringe-worthy, extremely disturbing scene of Bella 'giving birth' and Edward changing her into a vampire. Now 'giving birth' is in inverted commas purely because of the fact that she does not simply give birth, oh no, Edward is required to bite the demon baby out of her womb due to it crushing Bella from the inside out due to it's sub-human strenght. This particular scene was rather graphic, surprisingly so for a movie rated 12.
One good point being that the movie barely deviates from the original text. Which must of pleased the fan base known as the 'Twihards'.
Another good point that must be made is Kristen Stewert's acting in this particular movie. Kristen Stewert, also known as the girl with the one facial expression, gives a rather improved preformance in comparason to the previous movies.
In short Twilight is about a stroppy teenage girl that must choose between her furry werewolf friend or her dead, one hundred and ten year old boyfriend. It gives the impression to young girls everywhere that the most important thing in their lives is their boyfriend.
Although many would be surprised to realise that althought the franchise does have a wide fan-base of teenage girls, it is also extremely popular amongst the older generation of women. Which is somewhat disturbing when you see a 40-something year old woman wearing a 'Team Edward' t-shirt and trying to paw at Robert Pattinson.
One final point about the movie, something that truly irritated the hell out of me, was the fact that Stephaine Meyer, the author of the much-loved Twilight series, was featured in the wedding scene. Not only was she featured but she, along with another Producer of the movies, were giving a close-up camera shot. You most certainly would not see J.K Rowling wearing Wizarding robes in any of the Harry Potter movies so why on Earth did Ms. Meyer or the Producer feel the need to place themselves in this movie? Yes I can understand the sentimental value of watching these characters that you have created and nurtured for years take the final step into adult-hood but do you really need a close camera shot? To me personally, that shot just screams 'attention seeking' but hey, if I ever create a hundred-million dollar book series turned movie franchise and am offered a cameo in one of the movies then I might just have to eat my own words! You never know!

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